Information on Operating a Cookie Booth

Safety comes first! Following is the council rule for cookie boothing:

As stated in Safety Wise, "At all times, the health, safety, and security of girls should be paramount. All activities should be planned and carried out so as to safeguard the health, safety, and general well being of girls and adults. Girls and adults should follow proper safety practices at all times."

To ensure this, Council guidelines must be followed during the Cookie Sale. Two adults and minimum of two registered girls must be present at all times in order to participate in a Cookie Booth in the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council. If a troop/group/IGM does not meet these ratios the booth must be cancelled or rescheduled until the ratios can be met. All troops/groups/IGM girls are expected to adhere to Council guidelines and make the safety of our girls our number one priority.

Violation of this rule may result in denial of future boothing privileges.

The following information is the Cookie Booth information from the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council's 2006 Troop Cookie Manager Manual and is reprinted with their permission.

Booth sales are a great way to increase your troop's success. Remember, you must have the appropriate permission from businesses and the council before the booth sale.

Possible locations include:

  • Sporting events
  • Video stores
  • Banks
  • Car washes
  • Quick oil change shops
  • Churches
  • Grocery stores
  • Universities
  • Malls

To maximize success, consider these proven tips:

    If some varieties are not selling, open a box (which the troop must purchase), break them into bite-sized pieces, and let customers take a sample. The sample will likely spark interest among customers and increase your sales.
  • Make an attractive table display to gain customer interest.
  • Bring along your troop goal poster and pictures of activities in which your troop has participate.

Requesting Cookie Booths:

Cookie boothing is an optional activity recommended for Junior Girl Scouts and up. Consider the age, attention span, and interest of the girls when scheduling booths for Brownie Girl Scouts.

  • For troops that want to hold a cookie booth in Maricopa County, you may request a booth through the Council Volunteer Booth Coordinator and/or directly from businesses that are not on the Council booth list.
  • Troops outside the Phoenix Metro area will follow the scheduling process that works best for their community. This process will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Please contact your Neighborhood Cookie Manager.

Remember--No booth sales before Friday, February 22, 2008!

Maricopa County--Scheduling through the Volunteer Booth Coordinator

Request booths online at from January 2 through January 12, 2008. If you have trouble getting online, please contact your neighborhood cookie manager or the product sales office.

Requests for a council scheduled booth can be made only for those stores that appear on the approved list, located online at

Requesting Multiple Booths: If a troop requests multiple booths, the first request will be honored on a first come, first served basis. After January 13, when all troops that have submitted their booth requests "on time" have had their first request honored, the remaining requests will be accomodated whenever possible.

A few days before the booth (and after receiving confirmation from the Volunteer Booth Coordinator), contact the store manager to ask if you may display the PR-2 Window Poster.

Council-Wide--Scheduling Directly from a Business

If you want to arrange a cookie booth through direct contact with a business, be certain of the following before contacting them:

  • The business does NOT appear on the council list for Maricopa County scheduling that is located online at .
  • The business does NOT appear on the list of list of "Do Not Disturb" businesses (online) that have indicated they do not want Girl Scouts to contact them about selling cookies at their establishments.
  • If located outside of Maricopa County, the business is NOT being scheduled by the Neighborhood Cookie Manager.

The Troop Cookie Manager should contact the business management or staff. We strongly advise you to get written permission for any cookie booth you arrange directly with store management.

Boothing Guidelines

Council boothing guidelines must be followed for booths scheduled directly with businesses as well as council scheduled booths.

  • Cookie booths are a troop project. Divide the number of packages of cookies sold at the booth fairly among the girls selling at the booth and ensure their incentives are credited.
  • Divide boothing times into shifts based on the number of girls selling in your troop.
  • No more than four girls at a time at a store! We recommend girls remain at the booth table with adults beside them AT ALL TIMES.
  • Please follow store guidelines. Some stores have requestsed no more than two girls at a time.
  • Approach customers only as they leave a business.
  • Be at your booth and ready to set up for your sale at the time you have reserved.
  • If you are unable to use your scheduled booth time, contact the boothing coordinator immediately so another troop can be given your time slot.
  • Safeguard the cash box! Appoint a person to periodically collect the money and take it to a safe location. Never have more than $50 in the cash box at one time.
  • Be cautious when taking large bills at a cookie booth. Counterfeit bills have been more prevalent in the last few years and have been passed at cookie booths.

How to Act--Good Manners are a must!

DO wear uniform or pin and sash/vest. DON'T eat or chew gum.
DO be polite, pleasant and smile.
Remember, you are representing Girl Scouting!
DON'T have more than 2-4 girls at a booth at a time.
DO settle all disputes politely and calmly in the Girl Scout manner.
DO NOT involve the store manager.
DON'T smoke at a cookie booth in front of girls or customers.
DO stay only the time reserved for your troop--
there is usually another troop scheduled after your time slot.
DON'T block doorways.
DO be cheerful and courteous.
Thank people whether they buy or not.
DON'T jump, run, play, or go into the parking lot.
DO send a Thank You note to the store manager. DON'T take friends or younger siblings.
Boothing is a Girl Scout Troop project.

What to Wear....

Appearance counts!

You are representing Girl Scouts. Girls and adults should wear some aspect of their uniform (vest, sash, shirt, etc.) and always wear their Girl Scout membership pins.

What to Bring to a Cookie Booth...

  • Booth information sheet or written confirmation from store that is not on this year's store list.
  • A minimum of 2 adults as specified in Safety Wise.
  • Girls and adults must be present at the booths.
    No girls without adults, no adults without girls.
  • Cookies, preferably in a cooler to prevent melting.
  • Portable table and chairs.
  • $20.00 in one dollar bills
  • Cash box or hip bag
  • Booth Set-ups (posters, etc.)
  • Emergency cards, permission slips, and health forms (completed and signed) should be kept at the booth at all times. Cookie booths are considered field trips; please prepare accordingly.