Make Hunger Crumble

Dear Girl Scout Troops:

In the last five years, through the Gift of Caring Program, the Girl Scouts of the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council have donated 65,670 boxes of cookies to mmmilk and Cookie Mania at St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance. That is equal to 65,670 smiling Arizona kids who don't have the luxury of eating cookies or other treats; their families don't always know if there will even be food for the table every day.

And, along with those boxes of cookies, Shamrock Farms matched each donated package and donated 50,000 servings of farm fresh milk.

Thank you to all of the girls who have participated in this program. This year we are launching a new program, Make Hunger Crumble: Cookies for a Cause. Once again, we will rely on your community involvement, asking the public to donate a box of cookies to a family in need. With each box of cookies accompanying one of our Emergency Food Boxes, you are bringing hope to Arizona families; you are standing side by side St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance as we work to eliminate hunger.

We truly appreciate your commitment to the community. Together, let's make hunger crumble in 2008!

Terry Shannon
President & CEO
St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance


How to participate in this year's program,
Make Hunger Crumble: Cookies for a Cause:

  1. During preorders, ask friends and family to purchase an extra package of Cookies for donation to St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance.
  2. Use the booth sale display to ask customers to purchase a package for those in need.
  3. Deliver donated cookies by March 26, 2008 to:
         a U-Haul Cookie Drop-Off location,
         St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance (2831 N. 31st Ave, Phoenix)
         or Girl Scouts--Arizona Cactus-Pine (3806 N. 3rd St. Phoenix).



Cookie Booth Sale Display

     Make Hunger Crumble: Cookies for a Cause flyer
     "Cookies for a Cause" display topper (fold in half)
     Empty or Full Thin Mint Case
     Tape/Glue Sticks




Contact Mary Crumbaker for more information.
Call: 602-253-6359 ext. 1225 or 1-800-352-6133

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