Wal-Mart Code of Conduct

Wal-Mart requires that all troops boothing at their stores sign a copy of their Solicitation & Distribution Rules. Please print this form and sign it and give it to the Wal-Mart manager. Please read these rules and obey them carefully; we must observe all these rules or we will not be allowed to booth at Wal-Mart in the future.

Wal-Mart Solicitation & Distribution Rules

Thank you for your request. As a partner and supporter of the community, we are happy to provide an area at our facility to support local organizations and charities. Due to the number of requests we receive and the desire to provide a safe environment for you and our customers, we have found it necessary to implement the following rules.

  1. Designation of Area -- Soliciting or distribution of literature shall only take place in the designated area specified by Wal-Mart. We reserve the right to change the designated area in good faith as deemed necessary for the commercial operation of the facility.

  2. Prior Approval of Date & Time -- A three-day advance is required for soliciting or distribution of literature. The facility manager or management associate acting on his/her behalf will then approve a date and time that is agreeable to Wal-Mart and the organization requesting the use of our sidewalk or parking lot. The number of organizations scheduled on the parking lot at one time shall not exceed one. Wal-Mart reserves the right during the holiday time frame to prohibit any organization from using the parking lot or sidewalk when traffic at the facility is so great that it would make it unsafe or interfere with the commercial operation of the facility to allow such activities.

  3. Limitation on Days -- Wal-Mart limits an individual or organization to three consecutive days and no more than 15 days per year for soliciting or distribution of literature.

  4. Limitation on Participants -- The number of participants in any given event shall not exceed 15 participants.

  5. Signs and Literature -- No sign, poster, placard, display, handbill, or written material shall interfere with the commercial purpose of the facility or encourage in any manner, customers not to purchase the goods or services offered by the store. Placing literature on automobiles is forbidden.

  6. Prohibition Against Interference with Customers -- Participants are not allowed to interfere either directly or indirectly with the commercial operation of the facililty, including urging or encouraging in any manner customers not to purchase the goods and services offered by the facility. Participants are not allowed to impede or obstruct any customer entering or exiting the store, to block entrances or exits of the facility, or to impede or block the flow of traffic into or out of the store parking lot.

  7. Prohibition Against Solicitation/Distribution Inside Wal-Mart -- No solicitation or distribution is allowed inside any Wal-Mart facility, including any vestibules or entrances.

I have read the above rules of solicitation & distribution and agree to abide by the rules. I understand that my failure to act in accordance with these rules will result in my permission to be on the premises being revoked.

Arizona Cactus Pine Girl Scout Council -- Troop #____________
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