Cookie Booth Request Short Form
Cookie Booth Dates: Friday February 22 through Sunday March 16, 2008

Please use this form to add additional cookie booths for your troop. Reminder: This form is only used to request cookie booths at stores listed on the 2008 Cookie Booth Location List.

If you have not yet requested any booths this year, please use the Regular Booth Request Form.

Please check the store schedules and list locations/times that are open that your troop wants to take. If they are still available, I will give them to you. There is a space below for notes. Make sure to check the times and dates and each store allows us to booth (these are listed on each store's schedule). For more detailed instructions see Round 2 Info.

Please list the booths you want me to give to your troop. Make sure you include location, date, begin time and end time. I will attempt to assign all of the booths listed to you, if they are available. If you only want one booth, please tell me so! Please do not request any booths unless you are sure you will use them, because there are many troops who still need more boothing time.

      Example: Store #1, ABCO, Camelback & Miller, Sat 3/1, 10am-2pm

Special Instructions or anything else you want to tell me. (Please note if this is a "Troop 4500" booth.)

Troop Number:
Troop Cookie Manager Name:
E-mail Address:

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