Scheduling--Round 2

Those of you who want additional booths may make additional requests to pick up more booths and fill the schedules.

Round 2 began at 8pm on Tuesday (1/29).
Effective Sunday 2/3, 8pm, the schedules are now open for all remaining requests, with no limits.

The request form will be available at noon. Any early requests will be shuffled and randomly ordered; after 8pm, I will process requests in the order they are received.

  • Finding the open times is a little tricky, and each year a bunch of people email me confused about how to go about it. This is what I suggest: First, look at the schedules for your favorite stores. They are listed by date and time. You have to sort of "read between the lines" to find times that are *not* already scheduled that would work for your troop. Please make sure that booths are allowed at that time, though--nearly every store these days has specifc times that we can and can't booth. These specific limits, if there are any, are listed under every store name. If you find times that would work for your troop, use the Short Request Form to request those times. If those times are available, i.e., if another troop has not yet requested, them, I will assign them to your troop and will send you a confirmation of each cookie booth I assign. Easy peasy, right?

  • Any booth listed as Troop 4500 is a booth that another troop has cancelled and is available to the first troop who requests it. If you see one of these you can use, please just let me know.

  • Use the Short Booth Request Form to request additional booths for your troop.

  • I will not make any substitutions; I will attempt to assign the booth you request, and if it fails, I'll move on to the next choice. You may want to list several choices, since there are a lot of troops out there.

  • I will assign all the booths you request, unless you tell me you need only a certain number. Some troops tell me things like "I want *one* Sunday booth and *one* Friday booth" and then give me 3-4 choices for each. That works great. Please be clear about how many booths you want to end up with. If you want to request a bunch of locations and have me hold your request for a few days, be clear about it.

  • To make it fair for everyone, I will assign only two booths per troop for every day past the start date for round 2. It's just not fair for one troop to submit a request for 50 booths at 12:01am, and take all of the available time in the entire city of Gilbert. I will assign two booths per troop, but I want to rotate among troops so everyone has a chance to fill up these open times. On the other hand, if a troop doesn't ask for more booths until Saturday morning, they can catch up to everyone else: I would give them up to 2+2+2+2 booths (2 for Tue, 2 for Wed, 2 for Thu and 2 for Friday). On Sunday, Feb 3, 8pm, after the majority of the troops are sated, all troops may request as many booths as they want with no limits.
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