Cookie Booth Updates
2009 Cookie Booths will be scheduled through Ebudde. Good luck, everyone. -- Lee

2008 Year Total: 3730 Cookie Booths!

(yeah, too lazy to archive 2008 right now.. :P )

3/16, 11am: 3730 booths and I'm out for the afternoon so that'll be the last! I think that's a record number of booths, other than the year I had to reschedule a whole bunch when the ABCO stores all closed during cookie season. :P Anyway, if you still have cookies, good luck today! And if you need ideas for your remaining cookies, see my ideas page.

3/15, 11am: 3727 booths, heading into the final stretch. Now is the time to tell your neighborhood cookie manager if you think you have too many cookies. There are also other ways to get rid of cookies.

Good luck with the final weekend! (And let's hope for the rain to start *after* 8pm Sunday!

3/6, 12pm: 3647 booths. Many of you are wrapping up your sales -- Congrats! As a courtesy to those of us who are not finished, please remember to return any cookie booths you will not be using.

Have extra cookies? Here are some
ideas for ways to make them disappear.

3/4, 1am: 3621. Cupboard change: 7005 for 3/4, 1-3:30, 4:30-8pm.

3/2, 3am: 3601 booths. BIG problem here, people. We always ask people to buy cookies on the way OUT of the store, never on the way in. The customer is the store's customer first. Always. Train your girls. If they are too young to understand this, they should not be boothing.

As a result of some bad etiquette on the part of a couple of troops, Blockbuster at Southern & Val Vista is banning all cookie booths. Girls are never allowed to enter the store and try to sell cookies. And when the store manager asked you to stop asking people to buy cookies on the way in, that was a big hint that you should've stopped. Not cool. I am not pleased.

2/28, 1am: 3543 booths. Vestar Development won't allow us to booth at Blockbuster at Desert Ridge. Grrr. All booths there are cancelled. Sorry.

2/22, 3am: 3446 booths. Boothing starts today!

Don't forget: Two girls and two adults at all cookie booths. Safety first!

Watch for counterfeit bills! Officemax has the little pens--it's a good investment.

Good luck, everyone!!! :)

2/20, 4am: 3424 booths. The "Make Hunger Crumble: Cookies for a Cause" Gift of Caring details are up.

2/19, 2am: 3395 booths. Just found out the Ray & Dobson Fry's closes for remodeling on 2/29, so I'm reshuffling those booths. Sorry, guys.

2/13, 1am: 3337 booths. The Cookie Cupboard Schedule is up.

2/10, 11am: 3199 booths, still here. Just got a cookie booth request from Rio Grande, Texas. Just thought that'd amuse you. :)

2/5, 1am: 3116 booths, current. I'd like to send the store schedules Friday, so please send any remaining requests now!

Location Update: Chase at Pecos & Higley is now Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-3pm. Requests for these new times will be accepted on a first-request basis, but please share.

2/4, 3am: 3043 booths, all requests have been fully processed. The schedules are open for unlimited booth requests. If you need additional booths, please make a booth request.

2/3, 12am: 2883 booths, up to date, and I may be asleep by 1!

Schedules open for unlimited booth requests tonight at 8pm. If you need more booths, please fill out a request.

2/2, 3am: 2797 booths, up to date. We seem to be winding down, so I will open the schedules Sunday at 8pm for troops to add any and all remaining booths they need with no limits. I'll add two more Sat night, as we have been doing, then for Sunday's booths, you can add as many as you want. I may shuffle any closely-timed requests for the same stores, just to try to make it fair, but this will speed us to completion. If you request multiple choices, please tell me what you are looking for (# booths, # per day, etc.), and please don't take more than you need. Thanks.

2/1, 5am: 2711 booths, up to date. Sounds like a lot but there are still decent locations left.

1/31, 11pm: 2508 booths, working on tonight's requests.

Changed locations: Added Spectrum Mall (Bethany Home & 19th Ave), Bashas' #110 (Ellsworth & Brown), Bashas' #120 (75th & Thunderbird), closed Cobblestone #3 (Germann & Alma School).

Anthem Fry's / Cave Creek Safeway & Fry's: We are trying to work out the issues with these stores. I need a volunteer from Cave Creek to do some phone calls to track down information. Any information about the "HOA" that is prohibiting sales in Cave Creek, please let me know.We have made some progress on the Anthem Fry's and I am hopeful that this will get resolved soon.

1/31, 4am: 2507 booths, caught up. Keep your requests coming--up to 8 booths per troop today.

1/30, 6am: 2195 booths assigned and I'm caught up--but you all are waking up now so I won't be for long. If you still need booths, keep the requests coming! Don't forget preorders are due today in Ebudde.

1/29, 1am: 1833 booths assigned and all requests have been processed. Yippee! All confirmations have been sent. If you need more booths, see Round 2 Procedure.

1/28, 9pm: 1653 booths assigned and finished with all requests that came in by 1/13. I should have the rest done tonight and will email the confirmations to everyone. Round 2 will begin at 8pm tomorrow (1/29). More details in a bit; let me get the rest of these finished.

1/27, 5pm: 1100+ booths done, finished with requests 1/2-1/5. If you sent a request after 1/5, I should have them done soon.

Troops are getting up to 8 hrs (generally 2 booths) right now. Round 2 should start in a few days and you can request the additional booths you need to fill out your schedule. Round 2 Instructions are up and dates will be announced in a few days. Watch this space.

Everyone, please make sure you Refresh (F-5 key) to make sure you see the current information, as I am updating frequently.

Uploaded my map. I thought maybe it'd help you all see what's near you.

1/26, 10pm: Starting to push up schedules. Not done, but moving quickly. Confirmations will likely email tomorrow.

1/23, 11pm: Tournament last weekend, as every year. Getting caught up on emails and working hard on schedules. Hope to have assignments finished in a couple of days. A few updates:

Made some additions to the Schedule Yourself and Do Not Disturb lists.

1/16, 4pm: I just got word that Safeway will not be allowing boothing on Sundays. I apologize for the troops that this affects, but this was not my decision. It seems that some customers complained that there were cookie booths on Sunday. I suggest that those of you are affected by this politely let your store managers know how you feel.

1/15, 2am: 863 requests in. I added a new page with all the combined city rules and permits. Scheduling is proceeding slowly. I will not be emailing confirmations until I have a bunch done, so please give me a few days.

1/12, 4pm: 833 requests in.
Today is the last day to get your requests in and have them be on time. Any late requests will have lower priority and may not be filled before preorders are due.

1/12, 12am: 815 requests in.
I just corrected cross-streets for two Bashas':
#46 is at Chandler Heights & Power
#161 is at Chandler Heights & Gilbert

1/11, 11am: 784 requests in.
Still trying to track down correct email addresses for troops 387 and 1076.

Feel free to contact any of the Bashas' (AJ's/Food City, too) that aren't listed on the Council List as of now. If any of them think they are supposed to be on the Council List and aren't, please let me know so we can resolve it. Good luck!

1/9, 3am: 729 booth requests.
The Wal-Mart on Apache Trail & Ironwood is being scheduled by a Apache Tears leader. To reserve time at this Wal-Mart, please contact Susan at .

1/7, 12am: 618 requests in. Keep 'em coming.
Troop 1076, please contact me. Your email address is bouncing!

1/3, 3pm: 489 requests in.
Added Stores:

  • Added: Safeway #2799, Country Club Pkwy & 87th Ave, Peoria (1/4)
  • Added: Bashas' #109, Smith Enke & Maricopa, Maricopa (1/4)
1/3, 12noon: We have our first changed locations.
  • Added: Fry's #48, 1385 E Florence Blvd, Florence
  • Added: Fry's #672, 20797 N John Wayne Pkwy, Maricopa
  • Removed: Fry's #78, 39508 N Daisy Mtn Dr, Anthem (as per Fry's corporate)
1/3, 2am: I have 380 requests so far. Keep 'em coming.

1/2, 1:30am: Um, I suppose you want me to make it so you can see the updates? Okay, it should really be there now!

1/1, 11pm: The store list is updated and the booth request form is live. Happy requesting!

Please note: The Bashas'/Food City/AJ's stores are still not yet finalized. The folks at the Council Office have been out for the holiday, so I haven't had an update since before Christmas. I hope we will have the list stabilized by this weekend. Until then, please do not approach your local stores to schedule boothing even if they're not on the list. Sorry for the confusion.

12/15: We're still working on getting everything ready for booth selection. We do not have the store list finalized yet--we're still waiting for a lot of managers--but it will be posted by Jan 1.

The list of stores we're scheduling so far is still in flux. So far, it definitely includes:
  • All Frys
  • All Blockbusters
  • All Safeways
  • Many Bashas' (we received corporate permission, and are finalizing contact with store managers
  • A bunch of others.
We'll get the list posted as soon as we can!

Looking forward to another great year! -- Lee

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